Out with the Old and In with the New?

For a few weeks, I’ve been saying how I’m ready for this year to be over.  Don’t get me wrong- it wasn’t all bad by any means.  2014 had some big highlights- an amazing trip to Vietnam, 2 weeks in Paris (especially picnics with new friends) and a long weekend hiking and eating tons of lobster in Maine among them.

Camping in Hang En

Camping in Hang En

There were lots of weddings and babies to celebrate too.  But overall it was emotionally draining.  After the unexpected loss of my mother at the end of 2013, it brought a lot of firsts to experience without her.  But no matter how cathartic it may be to think 2015 will be better, a change to the calendar date is simply that.  So I’m resolving to change my mindset, focus on the positives daily (something that’s never be easy for this Capricorn) and make sure that, by this time next year, I can look back without feeling like a hamster spinning on a wheel.

To send out 2014, I’m having a quietish night at home with a few friends and midnight fireworks in Central Park after a dinner of 48 hr sous vide short ribs and trying my hand at soup dumplings.

IMG_1413Not sure just yet what else is on the menu, but am headed down to Chinatown for some inspiration and the pork shoulder to prep for my New Year’s Day porchetta – a necessity for good luck.

IMG_1311 I might even make a salad with black-eyed peas for a change to mix old traditions with new cooking techniques and ingredients.  Because even if I’m ready to bring in the new, I definitely can’t and wouldn’t want to leave everything behind – especially my recipes.

Happy New Year Everyone!




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