Life is an adventure.  Whether trying a new recipe, mixing a creative cocktail or learning about a new place, one bite or photograph can transport you away from the daily dulldrums to a world of bliss.

All too often, eating becomes a chore rather than a creative outlet.  Hectic work schedules can make it difficult to make dinner at home, especially if you’re cooking for one.  But you don’t have to order delivery or go out to enjoy a decent meal.  My recipes give you options for simple, usually quick and mostly healthy dishes that don’t sacrifice taste for active preparation time.   If there’s a special event, I’ll provide some thoughtful ideas that will please a crowd and still give you time to chat with your guests.  And because no meal is complete without a beverage, I’ll suggest cocktails, beer and wine pairings with my posts.  (Since I’ll usually skip dessert in favor of cheese, sweets will not be a major focus.)  But if you do want to splurge for a night out, see if I’ve done a restaurant review using my Four Forks rating system.

And in case you don’t have the time or money to fly off to an exotic place or try a new activity, you can live vicariously through my adventure posts.  From street food in Istanbul to mountain climbing in Tanzania to fine dining in Copenhagen, there’s something for everyone on every budget.  And also I’ll keep you updated on local culinary events happening in and around the NYC area, where I’ve lived and worked as a litigator for the last 10 years (except for a 6 month stint in Frankfurt).

You’ll note that I will not post a recipe for scrambled eggs or write about seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  Anything that seems intuitive to me will not be a subject for this blog.  It’s about experimenting, getting out of your comfort zone occasionally and always having fun.  And please don’t adhere too closely to my food and beverage ideas or feel the need to recreate my trips.  Instead, use these ideas as a base for finding your own adventures.  For me, the best part about traveling or trying a new recipe is not knowing what can happen.  So follow along as I incorporate my culinary and travel passions into everyday life.

As always … eat, drink and adventure!



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