Getting Back To My Roots

They say you always go home.  Well I didn’t, at least not exactly.  As much as I would have liked to move back to South Jersey (well to the beach), that was not a realistic option work-wise.  Instead, I amazingly managed to find gainful and fulfilling employment in a far different Southern town.  One that seems to be on the forefront of everything these days.  A town with incredible food, live music and decent sports teams at the moment —  NASHVILLE!

When I graduated from college here 20 years ago, it was not the vibrant and exciting destination it is today.  A booming local economy has sparked a movement, with tons of restaurants, bars, and butcher shops popping up as quickly as houses.  Every country music star seems to have a spot downtown (the latest is Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk -that joke on the CMAs wasn’t really a joke).  Real estate has been skyrocketing and hard to come by.  Luckily, we managed to find and buy a 1928 stone tudor in an established neighborhood to give us some grounding as we tackle a long list of home improvement projects.  We’ve also adopted a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois rescue dog, Louise – who is the sweetest!

Adjusting to all these changes while starting a new job with a now 2 yr old has made it a little difficult to find the time to post.  But enough with my excuses.

I’m not making any promises I can’t keep, but I will try to post more often again.  And you can bet that I will have a lot to write about!

So far Martin’s is the best BBQ, Sperry’s is hilariously old school and fun, and we found incredible Mexican and decent Thai and sushi places.  A review roundup will be forthcoming.  Plus, we’ve got tickets to see Jerry Lee Lewis and Willie Nelson in concert.  With regularly scheduled date nights and a big kitchen to cook in, I’m hoping to get back to what this blog was founded on – Eating, Drinking and Adventuring!

I’m Back Y’All!

– Kara



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