Derby De Mayo!

Hello Readers!  It’s been over a year (sigh) since I’ve had anything to write about and actually found the time to post.  It seems that having a kid (who will be 18 months on Friday!), starting a new job, moving and commuting into NYC, make life a bit more complicated.   And I did NOT want to turn this into a working mommy blog.  But enough with my excuses and onto the point of this post.

This Saturday is that rare time when the Kentucky Derby falls on Cinco de Mayo!  Do you like horses or think it’s fun to wear big hats? Have ever been to Mexico or know Mexicans? Are you fond of Taco Tuesdays or pimento cheese? Can you get behind drinking a mint julep or margarita during the day?  If so, this “holiday” is for you! And if not, do you really need a reason to get some friends together and enjoy the beautiful spring weather that we’ve waited so long for in the Northeast?  Of course not!


So put on your biggest, silliest hat or sombrero.  Invite a few people over and tell them to bring a bottle of bourbon or tequila.  Pick up some spicy fried chicken, throw together Hot Brown tacos, slow roast carnitas for biscuits, or stuff jalapenos with pimento cheese.  Just don’t forget the mint julep margaritas! Then get ready to place your bets.


Mint Julep Margarita with Blueberries

With the race in the early evening, even the kids can enjoy this!  Make sure to have some sweet tea or limeade on hand for them!

After you’ve mastered this, next year when the Derby isn’t the same day as the Tostitos Holiday, you can do something a little more fancy, like I did for my wedding shower.  Although that was a blast, I think I’ll have more fun watching my son cheer on the horses and dance around (plus I can indulge in adult beverages now).


My Derby Themed Bridal Shower

I’ll be sure to post some photos next week of how the combined holiday turned out.

And get ready for more posts – we’re off to Scotland at the end of the month!

– Kara


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