Sous Vide Experiment Redux: 48 Hour Short Ribs

After being wowed by the 72 hour version I tried last time, I was anxious to experiment with 48 hour short ribs.  This time I used a slightly higher temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit (133 before).  And the meat came out more tender but still intact.  About as close to perfection as I’ve tasted.


This is without any browning.

The 72 hour was not as browned and more intact.


72 Hour Short Ribs

But the meat I used for the 48 hour version was also more marbled.


After 48 hours, still evenly cooked to a perfect medium-rare.

I suppose I should try 72 hours at 135 to see the difference.  But if I get my gas back in the next week as promised (!!), I don’t think I’ll be using electric products to cook any time soon (you don’t want to know what my electric bill has been).

In the meantime, I plan on tasting Betony’s short ribs to see how those compare to my own experiments.


Mine are served with green cauliflower puree and a red wine gorgonzola sauce.


3 thoughts on “Sous Vide Experiment Redux: 48 Hour Short Ribs

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  2. Hey!! I am making 72 hour this weekend and I see so many conflicting temps. I read both your posts – what do you think I should go with 133 or 135? Was also thinking of doing 133 for 60 hours and 144 for 12…. thoughts?

    • I preferred the 135 for 48 hrs. Tender but still has a ton of flavor. 72 hrs is a long time, and I didn’t think it was worth it. The texture was better with the shorter time/higher temp. If this is your first time, I would go with the shorter time and then try longer after as a comparison. Most restaurants do 48 hrs.
      I will have to try the 12 hr- but in the summer I tend to just grill them and get a good result without the time commitment. Also depends on the cut of the short ribs you use. Also, you might want to check Stefan’s Gourmet blog- he sous vides a ton and he will likely have thoughts for you. Please let me know how you make out!

      Happy Cooking!

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