Groundhog Day Super Bowl Game Ideas Re-Post!

Even if parts of the country are about to get walloped with more snow, Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck both predicted an early spring this year!  Whether they see their shadows or not can’t change the start of spring in March.  But with global warming, we can expect much the same weather as last year. With daffodils and tulips pushing through the ground already because of the warm start to winter here in the Northeast, maybe the cold weather will be over by April.  One thing we can definitely look forward to though is this weekend’s 50th Super Bowl in the San Francisco Bay area!

With all the recent cannabis-related food ideas, I imagine those who are so inclined can take inspiration from the Mile “High” City.  (Sorry, I won’t be providing you with any recipes for pot brownies.)  But you’ve easily got Colorado fans covered when you “tap the Rockies” with Coors Lite.

Or you can incorporate local beer into pulled pork, short ribs or beer can chicken – combining something from both teams.

IMG_0625For Carolina, everyone has their go-to cue – ribs and wings of all manner, stuffed jalapenos and BBQ nachos are always good for a crowd.  And if you can get your hands on some South Carolina local brews, I’d put that on my list.  Bourbon also makes a good choice, but keep it lighter with an old-fashioned or some mixers.

Grill ready.

Grill ready.

Since the host city is San Francisco, mini crab cakes or a crab dip is an easy option.


Clams also go far and keep things on the healthy side.

IMG_4925Or since it’s also the Lunar New Year, take some inspiration from Chinatown and go with an Asian theme.  Try bahn mi sliders or the Pok Pok style wings.

IMG_1398We might be making the Cheddar and Ale Dip since it’s a good vegetarian option (bacon on the side). Plus there are lots of great artisanal cheese and craft beers to choose from in Wisconsin (no offense to Coors Lite fans).

IMG_1008Whatever you do, have fun since this is the last game until summer – even if spring doesn’t come in a few weeks, we can count on the start of football moving up earlier and earlier every year.



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