Serving Up Suggestions for Super Bowl Sunday

It’s hard to believe that we’re already one month into the new year.  Time flies when your one week trip to Maui (without a computer) turns into two – not that I’m complaining.  We could’ve stayed longer, especially with the predicted blizzard that fizzled, but it was time to come back to reality, even if I’m not entirely sure why.

In Hawaii, Sundays aren’t taken up entirely with football – games are on earlier so you can actually do something with the rest of your day.  Not bad to watch your favorite team over a boozy brunch either.  But since the Big Game starts at 6:30ET, heartier food is required.

With a frigid day in the Northeast, it’s a good time to prep before the next predicted snow (tomorrow!). Here are some of my favorite recipes and ideas for how to enjoy the game, even if the Cowboys were robbed of a Super Bowl (go Pats instead!):

  • With New England and Seattle, some sort of seafood is an obvious choice. IMG_0049
    Everyone loves the quick-to-make Creamy Crab Dip or mini-Crab Cakes.  And of course, shrimp cocktail never disappoints.  Tip: Buy some frozen deveined, EZ-peel shrimp and it’s not too expensive (it’ll be farmed but sometimes you’ve got to go with what’s easiest). Or get a bunch of clams and steam them or if you’ve fozen some corn from the summer, saute them with chorizo!
    All the clams opened!
  • Wings, wings, and more wings.  Even if there’s yet another purported “wing shortage” this year, these seem to be a must.  If you’ve got a big group (and if you’ve got the equipment), sous vide them today and quickly fry them tomorrow.  I’m brining some in a spicy buttermilk concoction with a recipe from Cooks Illustrated, then doing them Pok Pok style to combine my favorite flavors.
  • Dip it up.  Besides the crab dip, you can easily make spinach dips (cold or hot), or thicken the Ale and Cheddar Soup by adding more cheese and serve it in a bread bowl with lots of vegetables for some healthy options.


  • Go Mexican.  This works perfectly this year since the Super Bowl is in Phoenix – a hotbed for Mexican cuisine.  Nachos and mini-fish tacos (also brings in the seafood theme) are great.  Homemade guacamole will make it special or try my Roasted Tomatillo Salsa.
    IMG_0847Jalapeno poppers will help guests drink more (like that’s a problem).  You can try my version or bake some in the oven with just cheese if you don’t have access to grill.


To drink: local beers from Seattle, RI, Mass and Maine would be perfect.  Riesling or Pinot from Washington.  Or make a blue-hued punch that goes with whichever team you’re rooting for- somehow I managed not to drink a Blue Hawaiian when in Maui – but this would surely do.  Too bad the game is played on Sunday – maybe next year we can push for a Saturday so that we don’t have to get up early for work the next day.  Whatever you do, have fun. And if you miss the commercials, they’re all online.


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