TBT: Spicy Grilled Turkey Wings

If you’re wondering why I’m posting about turkey instead of Paris, it’s because I feel like one right now.  Eventually, I’ll have the time to share more about France – and I still have lots to say about Vietnam!  Until my schedule takes on a more leisurely summer pace, I figured it was a good day to re-post my most pinned recipe:  grilled turkey wings.

Cheaper than chicken these days, when sold alone, these wings tend to be large and meaty enough that just 2 can make a meal.  Simply season the wings with a marinade or dry rub of your choice.  (I used some salt, pepper, red pepper, ground ginger, smoked paprika, chipotle pepper and chile powder.)  Refrigerate for at least half an hour preferably.  Bring to room temp when ready to cook.

IMG_0589Then grill over indirect medium high heat for about 25 minutes.  Or you can lower the temp and cook them longer (about 45 mins).  I find that grilling temps vary so much that trying to do low and slow with wings is not worth the effort.  As long as you have the char, it should be good on flavor.  And you can break the wings apart and cook the tips separately so they don’t overcook.  I like the crispness of the tips and skin, so I don’t discard them like some recipes advise.  Experiment a little bit and see what works on your grill and to your liking.  At this cheap price point, you can afford to try this a few times.

IMG_0590Serve these with some blue cheese or a BBQ sauce- whatever suits your mood and is easiest.

IMG_0591If you’re inundated with veggies from your garden or CSA (like I am), serve them with zucchini gratin or a kale salad.  Perfect for a summer weekend lunch or quick weeknight dinner.


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