Cooking A Deux

Cooking with someone else can be challenging.  With limited kitchen space, you may be constantly on top of each other.  One person might be obsessed with following every word of a recipe, and the other may prefer to experiment.  Much like a vacation, it can bring two people closer together or tear them apart.  If you can successfully cook with another person, be it with a friend or significant other, it’s fairly safe to say you’ve got a solid, healthy relationship.  And you know how to have fun together.  Even something as simple as making a pizza, can turn an otherwise routine night into a mini-adventure.


One of my favorite things to make with someone else is roasted chicken with lemon and rosemary.  It looks impressive, yet it’s easy to prepare, doesn’t cost much and tastes delicious.  And you have an hour to chat while it cooks.  The cooking tasks divide well too.  One person can rinse and prep the chicken, while the other cuts the lemon and chops the herbs to stuff inside.  (I like to cook my chicken with the breast side down so it’s nice and juicy and cover it with a lot butter, basting a few times throughout.  It ensures a crisp and golden skin and moist meat.)

While the chicken is cooking, there’s ample space and time to make the sides.  Steamed or sauteed green veggies of your choosing, mashed potatoes or a nice salad can be prepared with minimal fuss and without the use of your already occupied oven.


Or consider grilling something.  Ribs are always a good idea.  But you can even grill some romaine lettuce and make a deconstructed caesar salad.  For some reason, even those adverse to cooking will gladly tend food cooked over an open flame.


If you don’t have an outdoor fire of some sort at your disposal and your cooking partner prefers to mill about the kitchen rather than share the duties, you can always put that person in charge of the drinks.  In the time it takes to make the main course, there’s ample opportunity to relax with a cocktail or glass of wine.  At the very least, most culinary-challenged people can open a bottle or fill a glass with ice.

And someone has to set the table and eventually do this dishes.  Just remember to be open to any form of help, and you can have a great time cooking together!


2 thoughts on “Cooking A Deux

  1. this sounds like my living situation, 4 people sharing a cramped kitchen but we make it work 🙂 looks like the dish turned out well, good job!

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