More Than Parades, Pumpkins and Turkeys

By now the pies should be made, the turkey brined and maybe in the oven, and you should be watching the parade and well on the way to having a glass of spiked cider or wine — if not already enjoying it.

We tend to make the food the center of the day, but we often lose sight of what the holiday really means.  It’s not just about family or food or tradition.  Those things are important, but so is taking time to remember the challenges we’ve faced over the last year and appreciating all that we have.  The heart of this celebration was about people from different backgrounds coming together over common ground and helping each other in times of need.

Give thanks this year for all that we have endured as Americans for our freedoms and rights.  Many others couldn’t even imagine having the things we take for granted.  Yes, some may have sustained great losses recently, but at least we had something to lose, something worth fighting for, and a great spirit and support from family, friends and strangers to make the difficult times a little less so.

Remember what the holiday is really about before you trample people a few hours from now trying to save a couple of bucks on a Christmas gift that will inevitably be thrown away or under-appreciated.

So eat far too much turkey and stuffing (it took days to prepare it after all), gorge yourself on pie and toast all that you have to be thankful for this year.  A Very Happy Thanksgiving to all!  And Go Cowboys!


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