Cooking Therapy

With the ever-increasing popularity of celebrity chefs and food channels these days, it’s fair to say I’m not alone in my appreciation for cooking.  All too often we eat our bad feelings– resulting in a nation of overweight individuals.

You can quickly grab a bag of fries at the drive thru and feel even worse after.  Or you can take a few minutes – stop at a market, pick out ingredients that suit your mood, and put together a satisfying meal. No matter how busy I get or how stressed I am, I know that if I pour a glass of wine, quickly grill a lamb chop and roast some asparagus, in minutes I’ll feel like myself again.  Plus, I can take out any residual anger cleaning the stove and doing dishes.

Cooking is personal.  You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval.  You control the ingredients, the preparation and the portion size.  And you can experiment.  Even if your dish doesn’t work out as planned, you can always throw it out and try something else.  No one has to know.

Cooking is comforting.  It’s not just about the ingredients, the smells, the tastes.  The act of cooking itself can relax you.   It’s an escape where you only have to go as far as your kitchen.  If you’re not one to release your stress at the gym, try cooking it away in the kitchen instead.  

Even if it’s just a pizza or a simple breakfast sandwich, you’re virtually guaranteed to feel better.

So the next time you’re feeling blue, grab a pan and start cooking.


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