Falling For Change

Yesterday was a big day in the world of food.  Eater unveiled a new format and redefined its mission.  The new site seems to be more functional, but we will see if the content continues to be TMZ style.  If the recent review of Cherche Midi is any indication, it’s form over substance….

Saveur magazine announced the new Editor-in-Chief as Adams Sachs, who was the editorial director for the popular Tasting Table – marking a real crossover for gainful employment from the online world to written publications.  (Wonder what Amanda Hesser thinks about the future of foodwriters now….)

Of course, it begs the question of what will the impact be for TT, which appeared to be struggling to remain different from the other food sites.

And more importantly how will this affect Saveur?  It had been lauded for its higher standards in foodwriting and more in depth coverage of the culinary world than some of the other food magazines, at least according to Alan Richman.  Will this mean a huge change in the substance?  Or the beginning of the end for Saveur?

Free online content and decreased sales forced Gourmet to fold. Hopefully, Sachs can find a way to stay relevant as a monthly magazine despite the current need for instant food gratification.

Cook’s Illustrated does a great job of keeping its print and online content protected and available only to subscribers.  But this isn’t a model that seems to be followed. How many online advertising dollars can keep a site profitable?  And will the ability to google almost any recipe make the glossy printed ones obsolete?

Of course, cookbooks remain beloved, but those tell stories and are passed down from generation to generation.  At least we should always have those to flip through. There’s just something less satisfying about swiping.

Deep thoughts from EDA on a Tuesday, the first full day of fall 2014.


Falling From The Sky In 2012


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