Chasing Banksy

Sometimes you can find an adventure in your own backyard.  With that in mind, this month’s travel post is devoted to Banksy.

In every neighborhood and type of locale, from the upscale to the ghetto, no part of New York was left untouched.  In case you somehow missed all the buzz, the anonymous graffiti artist devoted the entire month of October to creating art installations around town.  He utilized every medium, enlisted people as props, sold paintings in Central Park (too bad I missed that one) and made all five boroughs of the city his canvas.  And I was fortunate enough to chase a few of his works down and capture them before someone had a chance to destroy them.

One of the first was this Chelsea painting on the side of a building
IMG_1112IMG_1113And then he came back to the neighborhood for a weekend installation on the High Line





IMG_1144Although I missed the stone sculpture in Queens, I did manage to get up to the Bronx for the controversial piece that likely is gone by now, since the building seemed to be about to be demolished.

IMG_1190My favorite is the one from my neighborhood, on West 79th street, which is now permanently protected by plexiglass and the only one that is missing writing, as far as I know- possibly because he was on the verge of being caught and didn’t have time to finish tagging it.

IMG_1206If you happen to be in NYC during this holiday season, make sure you catch a least a glimpse of the street art the city has to offer.


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