Hot Town, Summer In The City

As you can see from my countdown calendar, I’m very excited for the Firefly Music Fest this weekend in Delaware.  In between listening to Jack White, Cake, the Killers and the Black Keys (among others), I’m hoping to fit in some beach time, check out the Dogfish Head Brewery and engage in some serious seafood consumption.  That’s probably trying to fit too much into a weekend (something I’m frequently guilty of doing).

So fault me for feeling compelled to make the most of my free time — even during the week.  If, like me, you aren’t prone to sitting around the house but can’t always get away on the weekends or want to take advantage of a warm summer night, check out what’s going on near you.

NYC is bursting with things to do in the summer — many of which are free.  There are the obvious street fairs popping up in a neighborhood near you creating traffic jams in the name of mozzarepas, sausage sandwiches and bubble tea.  Most of these are not worth your time unless you want a cheap orchid, but a few are worth checking out.  The one on Amsterdam Avenue has the participation of the local bars and some music.  In September, the Columbus Avenue fest includes a live performance of the house cover band at Prohibition, oyster specials at Ocean Grill and sangria from a couple of local places.  I’m sure there are more in other neighborhoods, so comment here and let EDA know which ones you like.

TONIGHT (July 16) check out the Great Lawn for the Philharmonic in the Park with fireworks after.  The Friday night performance was delightful even with a few raindrops.  It’s one of my favorite summer activities.  Bring some food and wine, grab a blanket or chair and some friends.  Look for performances in other city parks too.

Don’t forget about SummerStage.  The lineup the past couple of years has been diminishing, but there should still be a few worth seeing.  For example, this year, on July 25, the Metropolitan Opera is giving a performance at SummerStage instead of the Great Lawn.  If you can’t get a free ticket, you can always sit on a rock nearby and hear the music (worked for Duran Duran).

Then there’s Shakespeare in the Park.  Currently on hiatus, the next one, Into The Woods, runs from July 23-August 25.

And if you don’t live near NYC, then check out what’s happening near you.  Public or private theatres in most towns will put on free or discounted performances during the summer.  Art galleries have open houses.  And of course there are fests to celebrate local produce and seafood.  So don’t sit around the house complaining about the heat.  Get out there and make the most of your city!


One thought on “Hot Town, Summer In The City

  1. Hoorah to making the most of summer in the city (I was sorry to have missed both the Philharmonic and Roman Holiday tonight, but flight was getting in only around 5 so hard to commit to anything)!

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