Falling Temperatures and Rising Expectations

Over the summer we make the most of warm, long days.  Weekends are packed with beach trips, camping, and BBQs.  We take vacations and rarely spend a moment simply relaxing.  Then fall hits.  We’re happy to stroll around the neighborhood, go apple picking, or just sit on the couch and watch football.  And then we realize it’s time to do all the things we let slide over the last three months.

As much as I’d hoped to do a better job of keeping up with the blog after my wedding, I failed.  Something I started drafting a year ago ended up being published- unfinished! (Apologies if you even noticed.)  So no more excuses.  I expect more from myself and want my readers to as well.  Now I’m going to try to post something at least twice a month, even if it’s short.  I’ve yet to tell you about the Cayman Islands, which we went to last January, and have a ton of material on Mozambique and Kenya, where we spent 2 weeks on our honeymoon/babymoon.

IMG_3469But for today, I’ve got a pot of sauce on – the first of the season – and am ready to start my annual fall cleaning (I swear it’s not nesting).  I’m planning on making homemade rigatoni with semolina flour I bought months ago when it was too hot to cook.  Need to find a good recipe for that too!  Maybe I’ll even make a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip brownies.  With this cool, lovely weather it seems like anything is possible.  And with only about 8 weeks left before I’m getting up every couple of hours, I better get as much done as I can. If only there were more hours in the day… But at least I’ve got some comfort food to get me started.

Happy Fall!



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