Not My Day Job

Trying to keep up with all the food and cocktail events happening around NYC can be overwhelming and exhausting … but it’s certainly not dull.

A few Thursdays ago I attended a book signing party at The Flatiron Room for Fred Minnick’s Whiskey Women – an exciting new book I mentioned in a recent post.


Here’s Fred. Dapper as always.

It was a great opportunity to meet other people interested in food and spirits and to check out the space at the Flatiron, which was very cool.  I’ve only managed to find time to peruse a few pages so far but can already tell that it’s well-written and engaging.  A must read for anyone into whiskey.


Brooklyn Star’s Gin offering

IMG_1210Then I went to a charity event, aptly named Not My Day Job.  (The irony of the name was not lost on me given how much time I spend on EDA and other food-related matters.)  Unlike the NYCWFF, this focused solely on local restaurants and innovative gin cocktails featuring gin by Greenhook Ginsmiths.

Brooklyn Star's Gin Cocktail

Brooklyn Star’s Third Button Cocktail

My hands down favorite dish was the sweetbreads from Hecho en Dumbo.  Expertly cooked, tender and juicy.  I went back for fourths (and yes, the chef was cute, but that wasn’t why).

IMG_1200There were a number of meat-related dishes from Willow Road, L’Artusi, Harlow and L’Apicio.  Meatballs, beef stew, a short rib slider with an anchovy for an umami effect that didn’t quite work, and a ragu over polenta that was quite good.


Pushing meatballs

Although I’ve never been a fan of beef jerky, Khe-Yo’s was so delicious that I took some home.

IMG_1203Plus the spicy chili sauce that accompanied it was a perfect complement for the radishes.  This has temporarily replaced my pre-dinner drink snack of Trader Joe’s lime-chili nuts – and it’s only temporary because I don’t think they’re selling it commercially yet (hint hint).


Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters

Since I’m a sucker for oysters, I sampled the oyster shooter from Greenpoint Fish & Lobster.  Good for brunch, but I couldn’t handle more than one shot.

My favorite gin drink was the green tea infused version with cardamom from The Wren– it was entirely novel and shockingly balanced.  I sampled all the drinks so I can officially say this was the best.  Second was the ginger one from Colicchio & Sons, which had a nice spice.
For dessert, the pumpkin ice cream from Shake Shack was so decadent that I’ve had my fill for the season.

Between this event and the NYCFF, I now have a few go to spots in midtown for something other than steak, which I’m very excited about.

[Note:  This post was started a couple weeks ago but was delayed.]


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