Cookbook Alert: Cooking with Love by Carla Hall

Last night I attended a book signing party for Carla Hall’s new cookbook, Cooking with Love.  The co-host of The Chew and Top Chef “Fan Favorite” is as spunky and cheerful in person as she is on TV.

Smiling as usual

Smiling as usual

In between signing copies of her book, Carla popped into the kitchen to help put the finishing touches on some of her recipes that were being served to the guests.

Carla helping the help

Carla helping the help

Tomato and pumpkin bisque, pesto grilled cheese and mini brisket sandwiches were packed with flavor and perfect for the small and informal gathering.  All about comfort food, Carla’s recipes are simple yet have a surprising twist.  I’m looking forward to trying the Chocolate Vinaigrette and Basil Bacon Bread recipes.  As Carla says, “Hootie Hoo!”



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