A Note On Adventure

Apologies for being delinquent in my writing. I had grand intentions of auto-posting while I flew to Tanzania and spent the next 7 days on a mountain. But the wifi connection wasn’t cooperating. It is East Africa, and I should have expected this.
But in these early morning hours while I’m awakened for the second day by a Muslim call to prayer, I found that I can, miraculously, use my WordPress app, so I’ll briefly provide some thoughts before setting off to climb Kilimanjaro.

This blog is, after all, about adventure. So far I’ve posted mainly about recipes and trips I’ve taken. While food and travel may be exciting, there is much more to having an adventure than trying a different recipe or going somewhere new.

It’s about experiencing different cultures, food, history, activities and people. It requires an ability to be open to trying new things. Getting out of your comfort zone. It does not necessarily mean you must be fearless. Fear is natural. In fact, you must be cautious enough of your surroundings to make smart decisions and be safe.
Be prepared for whatever situation may arise. Be patient, kind and respectful to those you encounter and to the environment. Appreciate your experience- even when things don’t go as planned, which you can be certain will happen.

So whether I’m seeing a new place, trying a different recipe, skydiving for the first time (my last real adventure) or climbing the tallest mountain in Africa, I’m living my life to the fullest and having an amazing time doing so.

Now I’m hours from starting the trek and days from having another shower (certainly out of my comfort zone). But I’m not scared. I’m excited. Just like I was when I went skydiving. Or when I do anything I’ve never done before. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stay tuned for more posts next week, hopefully after I’ve successfully made it to the summit.



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